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The power of intention has the ability to literally change the shape of our brains.


We have been told by many gurus, self-help teachers and back bending yogi that an important tool in focussing your frequency and raising it for the day ahead is to spend time in the morning setting an intention. Why? Well it turns out that there are links between intention setting in both the biology of our cells and our brains. 

On a cellular level, intention setting and the power of intention is able to shape our brains through developing neuroplasticity. Our thoughts and emotions travel down neural pathways – and the more frequently they travel down the same positive path or the more we intend the same thing over and over again, the more solid and moulded to our experience they become. Repetition of positive intentions causes our brains to reorganise its neurons in favour of these intentions – further organising our internal frequencies to optimise our intentions coming to life. The same can be said of negative thinking. Dr Lipton elaborates: 

“Cells, tissues, and organs do not question information sent by the nervous system. Rather they respond with equal fervour to accurate life-affirming perceptions and to self-destructive misperceptions.”

So it is good to know that when we spend time setting positive intentions, our cells respond to the information sent out by our brains, and behave in alignment by vibrating at the same positive frequency, enhancing our biology

Intention setting can thus be built into a morning ritual, helping you to set the tone for your day ahead. This can include whatever makes you feel good – journaling, chanting, a short yoga flow, a morning meditation, or a breathing exercise to name a few. 

Deepak Chopra elaborates on how to set powerful intentions through entering “the gap” of pure consciousness which can be done through meditation. Chopra also suggests releasing intentions, so that they may be planted and take to seed, in the state of restful awareness after meditation. Once you have released your intentions, try to release feelings of need and attachment to results. Be still and content in the wisdom of uncertainty, and “let the universe handle the details.” 

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