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Did you know that the metals in your system can make you more susceptible to EMF sensitivity?


Our bodies naturally include a variety of metals that assist in the functioning of our systems. These include iron as an essential ingredient of haemoglobin in our red blood cells, calcium to build our bones and teeth, zinc aids in the clotting of blood, and potassium regulates our heartbeats and helps muscle function. Many other metals are present in our body, and they contribute to a healthy functioning body, including chromium, copper, magnesium, manganese, and sodium. 

Our wellbeing is affected when we are exposed to dangerous heavy metals, and develop heavy metal toxicity. Millions of people all over the world suffer from heavy metal toxicity.  Heavy metals that are toxic to us in low concentrations include mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium, aluminium, nickel, uranium, and thallium. Other metals that are healthy in the correct doses, including manganese, iron, zinc, and calcium, become toxic when we have too much of them in our systems. 

We may not be aware that these dangerous metals are slowly building up in our systems. Heavy metal toxicity can present with many symptoms, including

– Inflammation

– Chronic fatigue

– Autoimmune diseases

– Mood and sleep disorders

– Affected brain function

– Digestive problems

We previously spoke about EHS or electromagnetic hypersensitivity, which presents with many of the same symptoms. There is also a link between heavy metal toxicity and EHS.

Dr. Yoshiaka Omura explains that:

“The more polluted your body is with heavy metals from amalgam fillings, contaminated food, and environmental pollutants, the more it acts as a virtual antenna, concentrating radiation, making it far more damaging.”

Dr. Theresa Dale echoes these sentiments: 

“We are more susceptible to receive harmful radiation from cell phones, cell towers, etc, due to our level of toxicity in heavy metals. If you have accumulated toxic metals in your brain, and since your brain is an antenna, you can actually receive more cell phone radiation, which in turn can cause the microbes in your system to overreact and create more potent mycotoxins. This can create a never-ending vicious cycle between the microbes and metals in your body and your exposure to electromagnetic fields, which can lead to hypersensitivity.”

Dr Mercola says: 

“Your body weight, body-mass index, bone density, and water and electrolyte levels can alter the conductivity and biological reactivity to EMFs. Heavy metals in your brain also act as micro-antennas, concentrating and increasing reception of EMF radiation.”

How can we detox from heavy metals? If you suspect you have heavy metal toxicity, it is recommended to get tested by a medical practitioner. There are, however, steps you can take yourself to limit your heavy metal exposure and aid detox processes: 

– Eat foods that support the functioning of your liver, kidneys, and gut to kickstart detoxification

– Eat organic wherever possible to avoid potential heavy metals present in pesticides

– Drink filtered water

– Avoid farmed fish, as this food source is notorious for heavy metals

– Drink alcohol in moderation so as not to put strain on your liver

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