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“Change the environments you inhabit to better serve you, and your body will take on the positive energy created through the perception of your new surroundings”


Your skin and your brain are more alike than you may think. Did you know that your environment has an effect on the healing of your cells? This Frequency Friday we are looking at how our outer environments affect our inner wellbeing and healing. 

“After an egg is fertilised and embryo development begins, the first tissue to form is the ectoderm. The word comes from the Greek ektos, which means “outside” and derma, meaning “skin.” The ectoderm, or outermost layer of the embryo, gives rise to both the epidermis (your outermost layer of skin) and the brain.”

Dr. Sadeghi asks us to think about the connection between the brain and the skin, as they are made from the same core material, suggesting that they may act in similar ways. 

Your skin and its receptors are able to pick up on your reaction to your environment, and send these messages to your cells. 

“Interestingly, the word perception is defined as “awareness of elements of the environment through physical sensation.” It’s our perception of the environments we inhabit that are driving our cells in a positive or negative direction.”

When our perception of our environment is a negative one, the message sent to our cells is that of fight or flight. In this state, activities elevating nourishment and rebuilding stop. 

On the other hand, if we perceive our environment in a positive light, messages are sent to our cells that we are safe and secure, and healing can resume. 

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Dr. Sadeghi, H. 2019. The Environment’s Effects on Cells and Healing. Available: https://medium.com/@drsadeghi/the-environments-effects-on-cells-and-healing-a3bbc05f2782

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