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Did you know that the frequency of a healthy body falls in the range of 62 – 70 MHz?


Albert Einstein taught us that “everything in life is vibration,” or that everything in the universe is made up of molecules vibrating at different speeds or frequencies, but do you realise that this applies to your own personal being and emotions too? If you are feeling a bit flat or low energy, or feel drained after being in a space or spending time with certain people, it might be that your vibrational frequency is low. 

Your vibrational frequency is the rate at which your cells vibrate and oscillate. When cells vibrate at a higher frequency, they are healthy and full of energy. Did you know that the frequency of a healthy body falls in the range of 62 – 70 MHz? When your body drops below this frequency, cells can start to mutate and your bodily function is affected. Dr Kez Bridges gives examples of various illness and their correspondent vibrational frequency in the body: 

  • The frequency of a body with a cold or the flu is around 58MHz
  • The frequency of a body with candida is around 55MHz
  • The frequency of a body with glandular fever is around 52MHz
  • The frequency of a body with cancer is around 42MHz and below

Low vibrational frequency can take a toll on your emotions too – when you are vibrating at a higher level, you feel lighter and more at ease, while vibrating at a lower level leads to feeling heavy and dark. 

Vibrations can be understood as a type of rhythm. Natural rhythms in the world happen on both large and small scale – from seasonal changes and tidal patterns down to heartbeats and circadian rhythms within your body. We can see and feel these rhythms within our body, but at the molecular level there are countless minuscule rhythms happening in your body too on the nanoscale. The vibrations happening at a cellular level in your body may be minuscule, but they can have a monumental effect on your health.

Researchers have long known that your thoughts and behaviours can affect the rhythms in your body, and that there is an undeniably strong connection between the body and the mind. When you are anxious or scared, stress hormones speed up your heart rate. The vibrations of music can alter your emotions and body systems. When looking at vibrational frequencies, we are talking about these same effects but on a molecular level. Vibrational energy experts assert that changing your vibrations on the nanoscale in turn affects one’s mental and physical health. 

There are many things you can do to elevate your vibrational frequency – and we will be delving deeper into many of these in future blog posts. Activities that promote high frequencies include meditation, yoga, practicing mindfulness and gratitude, spending time in nature, healthy eating, practising acts of kindness, breathwork and breathing deeply, listening to high frequency music, and eliminating alcohol and toxins. 

Scientists are finding that many different forms of positive frequencies – including sound, light, and electromagnetic, can encourage healing and growth in human bodies. Blushield draws on these principles to use the healing effects of positive nature based scalar frequencies to protect from harmful EMFs

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