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Your office should be a productive space conducive to great work, not one that drains you of energy and affects your wellbeing. 


Offices can be places of heightened EMF exposure with all of the technology we rely on to do our jobs. This can include wireless phones, other wireless devices such as mouses and keyboards, as well as Wi-Fi. A large majority of us spend most of our times at our workstations, so it is vital to reduce as much EMF in the workplace as possible – so that we may work effectively and healthily. 

We have collated some tips and tricks for reducing EMF at work: 

  1. If you use a landline in your office – opt for corded rather than cordless. Cordless phone base stations are very high in radiation.
  2. Swap out your wireless mouse and keyboard for their wired alternatives.
  3. If you are able to, look in to hardwiring your space with ethernet instead of Wi-Fi.
  4. If you do need to make use of Wi-Fi, make sure that the router is at least 6 metres from your desk.
  5. Disable Bluetooth on your phone and only use when necessary. Even better – put your phone onto airplane mode and hunker down with whatever you need to focus on.

We have spoken before about the benefits of spending time in nature. For additional health benefits at work, consider taking a break from screens and technology and spend some time outside – take a quick walk break or just sit in the sunshine, or even better – get your feet muddy! Or – add a Blushield device to your office desk.

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Bexelius, M. 2020. Top 5 ways to boost your health and reduce your exposure to EMFs at work. Available: https://workinmind.org/2020/03/19/top-5-ways-to-boost-your-health-and-reduce-your-exposure-to-emfs-at-work/

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