Luke Mahone

Electromagnetic pollution seems to be a growing concern with the increasing usage of wireless technologies. After doing everything I could to minimize the usage of wireless devices where not absolutely necessary, I knew there was still more I should be doing. I came across many products making dubious claims about reducing the harmful effects of EMF exposure, but few seemed to have any scientific backing or generally positive reviews. While the Tesla Blushield was by far one of the more expensive solutions I found, it definitely intrigued me the most.

After taking the plunge and ordering both the portable model and the plugin model for maximum coverage, I decided to first test the portable model. A few seconds after turning it on, I noticed a slight pressure in the middle of my head, which could very well have the placebo effect, but it is nonetheless worth noting. I carried the device around in my pocket for the rest of the day and continued to experience a mild headache and fatigue that reminded me of the detox reactions I initially experienced while taking colloidal silver and chlorella.

I then installed the plugin model next to my bed before going to sleep. While I didn’t notice any immediate changes in sleep, by the second and third day I had developed a strong, unquenchable thirst, which was also indicative of detoxing. I’m not sure whether it was related, but it also seemed as though my tinnitus was stronger than usual. The following day, I did awaken with more energy than usual, so my quality of sleep seemed to be improving.

I continued using both devices over the next few weeks – the plugin at home and the portable whenever I left the house – so I can’t really judge if one was necessarily more effective than the other. After roughly a month of usage, I do feel a greater sense of general well-being, but not to a degree I would call life-changing. I also experience far less fatigue in the morning, so my quality of sleep seems to have improved to a notable degree. Since I have never been overly EMF sensitive (to my knowledge), I didn’t really expect huge changes. It is also possible that I may need to use the technology longer to experience additional benefits, as the Life Enthusiast test cases spanned several months. I will update if I notice additional or stronger results over time, but at the moment I am pleased with my purchase..