Very happy with my portable device thank you ladies for turning this around so quickly. I had to fly overseas to attend a training course and I didn’t want to board that flight unprotected, nor sit in a room for 8 hours training under fluorescent lights… with 40 people and 40 mobile phones, laptops, screens and 24/7 hotel wifi. There was going to be no chance of me escaping EMF/EMR for a solid 10 days and just that thought alone was causing me stress!! I’m very happy to say I had my Portable BluShield on me every day and did not experience any negative effects from EMF/EMR exposure, which would normally be the case for me. I‘m home now and continue to carry it everywhere! I love having it in the car, in my handbag or pocket knowing I’m protected. I should mention the first BluShield portable I purchased was actually for my son to take to school. It was actually recommended by his Integrative GP who picked up he was sensitive to EMF/EMR. Saving up for a Cube for home now!!