I have 2 devices the Tesla gold portable (first purchase, owned and carried every day since one year now) and the Tesla gold plug-in (bought 3 months later). This technology has literally been a life-changer for me. I was suspicious of Wi-Fi bringing me down during my “return to studies” in computer programming. One year into the studies I was finding my concentration levels dropping and my anger levels rising so easily.
I took a vacation for two weeks to a house with only one distant weak router (we used mobiles at the table outside and always had weak connections) and upon return to college I was feeling fantastic and refreshed from my holiday! I sat down for my networking class in a room of around 15 wireless laptops, 2 Wi-Fi access points, many routers (not Wi-Fi) and switches. About 30 minutes into the class I had a horrible attack of nausea, dizziness and what I can only describe as feeling like my brain was being twisted! I am a healthy man, 34 years old, I run, swim, cycle, do yoga totaling at minimum 6 hours a week, I eat GMO free apart from meat (too expensive) and NO processed foods or dairy. This for me was 100% conformation that I am EMF sensitive, I do not care what any doctor (I use naturopathy now anyway) or government study says! (The results of using this tech is even more conformation).
I searched the internet for a solution and found Blushield. Being a student (“return to studies”) the cost was a risk but I’m so thankful. I had received and used the product for just over a week (without telling my partner) and one night after a few days of feeling better I couldn’t sleep because of euphoria! I declared this to my partner and told her about what I had bought, and she said she had noticed how I’d been in such a good mood recently (she was skeptical about my Wi-Fi suspicions). To put it short (as this review is one of the first in my life and is getting rather long) my life quality has improved tenfold ever since!
I don’t think I need to say any more apart from everyone’s EMF tolerance is different and although I carry the portable whenever I’m out the house I still start to feel uneasy after around 3-4 hours close proximity to a laptop communicating with an access point (my mobile phone don’t seem to be too bad although I use mine for less than 20 calls or texts a week and is not close to me while in the house). I hope it works as well for every other customer. To Blushield, thank you so much.