Tanith-Lea Curtin – Constantia 1 June 2022

Over the last two years, something has felt different – I had become aware of an extreme mental and physical fatigue. But it was hard to put my finger on what was causing it given the state of emergency the entire world has been in.

I had started to notice great variations in this fatigue when I was in cell phone signal range vs. being in areas without it, and I began to suspect that I was experiencing a sensitivity to EMFs. I had also become aware of the many cell phone towers around where I live, in addition to not being able to turn off our home wifi at night due to sharing my space with a person who does not have an EMF sensitivity (at this point).

I came across BluShield through randomly telling someone about my experiences. I was fortunate enough to trial the B1 Cube and was blown away at the immediate improvements I felt. My sleep, physical and mental fatigue immediately improved, although I had NOT actually noticed that I was not sleeping well prior to using this device. I also noticed that I was a lot less anxious and I could more successfully regulate my emotions when under stress. *I did not experience any of the detox symptoms that I was cautioned about.

It feels like the device helps my energy field around my body to relax and ‘come down’ to a calmer baseline rather than being in a constant ‘hyper’ state.

While I trialled the B1 Cube for 2 weeks, I have owned the Tesla Home Plugin for just under 3 months. The Tesla Home Plugin is not as strong as the B1 Cube (which has an extra sweet something that is hard to put into words, but my energy field feels it).The Tesla Home Plugin still helps to calm my field down and it does the job. When I am able to, I will definitely purchase the B1 unit.

I can’t express my gratitude for this product and how it has changed my life in terms of helping my body to cope better with all these EMFs that I cannot escape.

As human beings, we are heading into some interesting times. I am especially worried about our children and how these technological advancements are going to affect their little bodies and energy fields. We were not designed with all this EMF exposure in mind.

In my view, all these unnatural EMFs are going to be throwing our energy fields out of balance. Some people will feel it more strongly than others, but it will have the same impact on everyone and we need something to help counter that, and BluShield is offering a great solution.

A BIG thank you BluShield!!!