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According to the WHO, EMF exposure is “one of the most common and fastest-growing environmental influences” and the effects of long-term exposure to EMF on human health are not yet fully understood.


While there is no conclusive evidence of harm from exposure to low-level EMF, the WHO states that some studies have suggested that EMF exposure may have adverse effects on human health, including increased risk of cancer, changes in brain function, and fertility problems.

The WHO has classified EMF frequencies as possibly carcinogenic to humans, based on limited evidence of a possible association with cancer. They recommend that exposure to EMF frequencies should be reduced as much as possible, particularly for vulnerable groups such as children.

It’s important to note that the WHO recognises that the vast majority of people do not experience any health effects from exposure to EMF frequencies below the recommended limits. However, they also acknowledge that there is a need for further research to fully understand the potential long-term effects of exposure to EMF frequencies.

Do you think that EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) don’t affect you? Well, we have a challenge for you. Sit in front of a TV really close, with your face just centimetres from the screen. Do this for an hour and notice how you feel. You will probably feel tired, get a headache, and experience eyestrain. This is just one example of what EMFs can do to you.

But, for most people, unless you have electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), you won’t necessarily feel the effects of EMFs. The World Health Organization (WHO) recognises EHS as real, even if other governing bodies do not. So, even if you don’t feel the effects of EMFs, it doesn’t mean that they’re not harmful.

The only argument the “EMFs don’t cause harm” group has is that EMFs don’t cause heating or thermal effects. However, harmful EMFs can be a slow drip of negative effects, so slow that you don’t notice anything. They simply add stress to your body and make it so that your cells don’t work well. Sometimes, this manifests as cancer twenty years from now.

Mark Langdon, one of the creators of Blushield, likens these frequencies to dripping water. A few drips, no problem. But hour after hour, day after day, this “dripping” begins to irritate the sympathetic nervous system. This higher stress means your immune system, endocrine system, circulation, detox systems, everything in your body can’t work at 100%.

This interference with the electrical impulses of the body means that cellular communication is off. Essentially, there’s static in the signal that the cells must work harder to overcome or they simply don’t. There are multiple methods by which EMFs interfere with body functioning.

In the documentary Resonance, EMF’s ability to disrupt melatonin was covered. Not only is this hormone needed to obtain deep sleep, but it’s one of the most powerful antioxidants in the body. It is also one of the strongest anti-cancer chemicals out there. It may not be that EMFs are causing cancer, but they’re just disrupting how your body normally protects from it.

Martin Pall, Ph.D, discovered that EMFs activate the voltage-gated calcium channels in the cells. The EMF signal causes calcium and likely other ions to flow out where they shouldn’t be. This, in turn, can cause inflammation, which is at the root of almost all health problems. Especially low-level chronic inflammation when we’re talking about chronic health conditions.

There are clear examples of companies who produced products like cigarettes and asbestos that denied the dangers of their products early, and even claimed that they had science to back their assertions. In fact, there was a time when medical doctors were questioning if secondhand smoke on airplanes was actually bad for people!

These EMFs are virtually everywhere, and the human species is planning to add even more, not less, in the coming years. You simply need protection if you want to be optimally healthy. That’s where Blushield devices come in.

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