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Did you know that NASA developed a small device that generated a magnetic field at the 7.8 hertz frequency to help astronauts cope with the effects of being outside the Earth’s magnetic field? That’s because being exposed to unnatural frequencies can cause various symptoms, from nausea and fatigue to immune system issues and aggressive behaviour.


Today, we’re bombarded with artificial frequencies all the time, from Wi-Fi signals to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) generated by electronic devices. These can interfere with the natural frequencies that our body has evolved to work with and adapt to. But what if there was a way to counteract the negative effects of EMFs without blocking them altogether?

Enter Blushield, a technology that uses a complex algorithmic code based on natural laws and principles to create a field of intermittent frequencies within the human responsive range. Blushield devices replicate the natural frequencies that we experience in nature, which come and go, change and fluctuate, instead of being constant and repetitive like most artificial frequencies.

Blushield devices utilise a highly complex algorithmic code that is based on natural laws and principles, such as the Phi ratio. The microprocessing technology balances randomisation with coherent energy. It’s far beyond just the Schumann frequency. This is important, because with all technology, we tend to find out down the road that those devices that are not built according to natural laws have negative effects that aren’t always apparent right away, even when they are believed to be within a “beneficial range”.

Blushield sends signals to the cells in a specific way to where they body no longer perceives the EMF as a threat. Since the body is used to mounting an immune response to fight these unnatural, repetitive frequencies, the body is able to reallocate immune power to balancing the body. This can cause a detox effect in some people.

The results reported by Blushield users are impressive. People often report feeling more relaxed and focused, with greater energy and better sleep quality. They also report being able to spend more time in front of a computer without experiencing tired, zapped eyes.

Blushield devices have a scalar component that is five times as powerful as the EMFs, which work in tandem to help your cells work even better. These devices don’t block negative EMFs, but instead provide a stronger, natural signal that your body wants to tune into.

For instance, Felix, a year-12 student from Sunshine Beach State High School in Queensland, reported a significant improvement in his focus, concentration, energy, and general happiness since using a portable Blushield device. He also feels that Blushield protects him from the EMFs and radiation from Wi-Fi and technology that are everywhere nowadays.

Blushield devices come in various sizes and formats, from portable devices that can fit into your pocket or purse to larger models that can protect your home and office. We recommend taking them with you wherever you go, especially when you travel or are exposed to new stressors that can affect your health.

Blushield devices work with the natural frequencies of your body and environment to support your health and well-being. Experience the difference for yourself and try a Blushield device today.

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