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Hippocrates said – “Let Medicine be thy Food, and Food they Medicine.”

Did you know that food has a frequency, and that its frequency affects the frequency of your body?


We’re starting things off this Frequency Friday with another quote from Hippocrates, one of the most eminent figures in the history of medicine. We all know that we are what we eat. But do you know what foods to eat to raise your vibrations? Or what foods are considered high frequency

Expert nutritionists maintain that eating the right food can elevate your mood in the short and long term. This is both physiological and psychological. In the short term, making sure that your blood sugars stay at a healthy level and do not skyrocket and plummet on a sugar roller-coaster will make you feel good and have high energy. In the longer term – good food contributes to a disease free and healthy body, which more often than not leads to better mood. Some foods can also increase levels of hormones such as serotonin in your body – which contribute to emotional wellbeing.

We’ve collated some tips below for incorporating mood-boosting foods to your diet: 

– Eat foods high in vitamin B12 and folic acid. This includes lean meats and fish, as well as beans and greens. Studies show that these vitamins help to prevent various mood disorders, among others.  

– Focus on fruits and vegetables. Including enough servings of these in your diet helps to incorporate key nutrients and antioxidants – which make you feel great and minimize bad moods.

–  Include more antioxidants. Seek out selenium-rich foods – a mineral that acts like an antioxidant. Studies suggest that antioxidants can help minimize symptoms of depression. Some sources of selenium include whole grains, legumes, lean meat, and nuts and seeds.

– Add fishes to your dishes. Research suggests that those who include a lot of fish in their diets have a lower risk of suffering from depression. The omega-3 fatty acids found in fish positively effect clinically defined mood disorders.

– Soak in the sun and eat it too. Vitamin D is found in certain foods – and the sun helps our bodies synthesize and regulate it. Pamela Murphy, a holder of a PhD at the Medical University of South Carolina, says “people can help manage their moods by getting at least 1,000 to 2,000 IU of vitamin D a day.” Vitamin D can be found in fatty fish, beef liver, cheese, and egg yolks; or taken as a supplement.

Dark chocolate. In moderation, chocolate positively effects the levels of endorphins – the “feel-good” chemicals – in the brain by boosting your general sense of wellbeing. A study proved that participants who ate a small amount of dark chocolate every day had lowered blood pressure and a decrease in incidents of heart disease.

Dr. Ettinger from the Advanced Healing Centre of Orange suggests that it is not only what food you are eating that contributes to raising your vibrations, but also how you prepare it. He states that High-Frequency Foods (HFFs) – those that are “left in their native state, unprocessed, with no chemicals or genetic modifications” – resonate with a higher energy level when prepared with love and gratitude. 

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