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EMF Quality and the Property Market Leave a comment

We think there is a strong argument for the link between air quality and the places we work, live and play. Better air quality means healthier inhabitants, improved quality of life, and increased property prices. But why is EMF quality not currently recognised as another factor?


More and more research suggests an emerging relationship between air quality and the properties we live, play and work in, but why not EMF quality? We all know the real estate slogan of “location, location, location” as an important factor to consider when purchasing property. But we believe that increasingly more importance is being placed on other concerns, such as the air quality of properties, and that this will become another influencing factor in the property market and how properties are priced. 

When viewing a new property, we take in account obvious selling points like the view, the safety of the neighbourhood, and the convenience factor of the location. Air pollution, however, is often a hidden factor. The WHO estimates that annually, 4.2 million deaths can be attributed to outdoor air pollution.

Health is a priority for many property buyers, and the link between health and air quality is undeniable. It is only logical that a major selling point of a property is both its air quality, as well as EMF quality. 

To determine the EMF quality of a property, we need to look at factors such as: 

  • The property’s proximity to cell phone towers.
  • The property’s levels of dirty electricity.
  • The property’s proximity to offices or other places containing high numbers of electrical devices.
  • The property’s density. For example, properties in flats will be exposed to a larger number of electrical devices in a smaller area.

Dirty electricity, otherwise known as dirty power or electrical noise, is a form of EMF pollution created by electrical devices. Dirty electricity is created by spikes and surges of electromagnetic energy in power lines and building wiring. Dirty electricity can be measured with an oscilloscope and spectrum analyser – however these devices are expensive and require an expert to use them.

Dirty electricity is said to be linked to many health concerns, including headaches, anxiety and depression, nausea, and fatigue. By managing the EMF quality of your home, you can decrease symptoms of fatigue and anxiety – which will in turn improve focus, energy levels, and general wellbeing. In office settings, this could also increase overall employee performance.

In his 2019 paper, The Disamenity Value of Cellular Phone Towers on Home Prices in Savannah, Georgia, Jason Beck states that “Results suggest proximity to cell phone towers can reduce selling price up to 7.6%. This result is consistent with the high end of results found by other studies.” Before investing in property, investigate both EMF and air quality to invest in your future health, well being, and financial stability. 

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