Testimonial from Kheyrne Danu – Women’s Health & Wellness Coach and Journalist.

Blushield review and testimonial by Luke Storey.

Elma Pollard from the SA Society of Integrative Medicine, Editor of the Green Times and Holistic Life Coach shares her personal experience of using Blushield.

Justin Friedman from Blushield South Africa shares his personal experience as an Electro Hyper Sensitive person and how Blushield Technology supported him to address his sensitivity to EMF – Electromagnetic Fields.

Tracy McGregor shares her personal experience of Blushield.

Tanith Curtin from Spirit Cafe Cape Town shares her personal experience as well as how Blushield has assisted her staff.

Justin Friedman from Blushield South Africa shares his personal experience of being an Electro Hyper Sensitive person and how Blushield has assisted him

This has made a huge difference in our home, my kids are no longer feeling overloaded with EMF and are settling and sleeping better at night, this extends to our dogs and cats to, all of us feel less groggy and a lot more clear headed with fewer headaches and nausea.
Candice Tozer 5/5/2022
Blushield definitely works. It works on another level – on the biological impact of the EMF frequency. I developed insomnia with the onset of 5G. Within a few days of installing the Blushield, my biorythms returned to normal and I sleep very well.
Lynn Holmes – 10/07/2023
A great product available in South Africa! Headaches and anxiety miraculously disappeared. The Phi Series o2 really add to my familys wellbeing. I bought 3 – for the office, my home and my childrens townhouse. They also have good things to say about the Blushield product. Good and friendly service is part of this experience. Well done to you and your staff, Tracey.
Elizma Steenkamp – 01/08/2023
We purchased B1 5G Cubes for work and home because we live and work very close to cell towers and were concerned about the harmful effects on our children and colleagues health, especially with the introduction of 5G. Upon using it the first time one of our children who struggles with sleeping reported a much more restful night. My mom, who also lives with us who struggles with anxiety also reported that she felt calmer and more grounded. At work I feel so much fore restful as I know myself and staff are protected against EMF exposure. Overall the felt effects have been subtle but significant to us both physically and psychologically and I would not go without the peace of mind provided by our Blushield devices.
Maria Von Backstrom – 08/03/2023
I was fortunate enough to trial the B1 Cube and was blown away at the immediate improvements I felt. My sleep, physical and mental fatigue immediately improved, although I had NOT actually noticed that I was not sleeping well prior to using this device. I also noticed that I was a lot less anxious and I could more successfully regulate my emotions when under stress. *I did not experience any of the detox symptoms that I was cautioned about. It feels like the device helps my energy field around my body to relax and ‘come down’ to a calmer baseline rather than being in a constant ‘hyper’ state. A BIG thank you BluShield!!!
Tanith Curtin | South Africa – 31/10/2022
Thank you for such an amazing device! Compact, lightweight, "plug and play". Since I have used the device my sleep has improved tremendously, I can really feel I had a good nights sleep! It has also reduced my tension "taken off the edge" from the day to day challanges that I need to face! Thank you! Awesome unit, use it every day when I go to the office. Compact,fits any pocket! Battery truly last long. Really reduces my tension with my challanges at work!
Edzaard – 12/03/2023
I’ve been using this slick little life changing device for a few months now and it is honestly one of the most important tools in my health kit. I love being able to pop it in my pocket when navigating 5G areas. Plus it has prevented the computer anxiety I used to experience. I keep it under the pillow at night which helps both my daughter and I sleep so well and wake up refreshed.
Kheyrne Danu – 21/11/2022
We have used this for a while now and I am sure all are calmer in my house. I cannot tolerate it close, but as soon as I shifted it to a little distance from where we sleep and work the benefits came through clearly. It is powerful! From what I can see everyone needs one. I feel it’s made a big difference to my family. They are much calmer, I placed it far from where I work because it’s a strong machine but I think it’s something that everybody needs.
Elma Pollard – 07/06/2023
My daughter is so sensitive to environmental toxins including emf (as parasites hide behind heavy metals in the body, and you actually become a beacon for emf). She used to wake up a few times a night screaming. Since purchasing the home cube, she is sleeping peacefully. There are 0-1 wakings per night, compared to waking up 6-8 times a night. Would really recommend this product .
Saf – 23 feb 2023
Sleeping better, and overall health much better and also calmer.
Maria Sarkos – 23/01/2024