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Your smartphone is a mini cellphone tower.


Most of us rely on our cellphones often during our days: at work, communicating with friends and family, and navigating around. These are incredibly useful functions, but with cellphone use comes exposure to a range of EMFs, which can be harmful to your health and wellbeing. Our phones often make use of 4G and 5G connections, which also come with their health dangers. While cellphone use is often unavoidable, there are practical steps to take to limit your exposure to EMFs from your cellphone

– Limit the amount of time your cellphone is in proximity to your body / head. Choose to text over making calls, and use an earphone or your phone’s speaker for longer conversations. This can decrease your cellphone radiation exposure by up to 98%.

– Try not to make calls in low network areas. Your cellphone emits a lot more radiation when it is working harder to reach out to signals.

– Use airplane mode whenever possible. If you are able to use your phone for tasks that don’t require connection on airplane mode, you can significantly decrease your radiation exposure.

– Do not sleep with your phone next to you. EMF exposure can disrupt your sleep.

– Limit cellphone use while in cars or trains. As these forms of transport are made with metal, cellphone radiation on your body is intensified while inside. Traveling between networks also increases radiation.

Switch off your Wi-Fi when not in use (like overnight). A constantly on Wi-Fi network is like having a small cellphone tower in your home!

– Turn off Bluetooth or Wi-Fi settings on your phone when possible. These functions are radio-based, and cause increased exposure to radiation.

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